Senator Jim Inhofe voted in favor of H.R. 6297, the Iran Sanctions Extension Act, which renewed current non-nuclear sanctions against the Iran for another ten years. Congress is likely to renew debate on imposing fresh sanctions against Iran, according to Mark Dubowitz, executive director of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, who has helped lawmakers write previous sanctions legislation on Iran. Each of the below groups are groups in which Andrew Rice is associated with.


Red River Democracy Project

Considered the “MoveOn.org of Oklahoma,” Rice founded the RRDP in 2004 to propel liberal candidates into office and “to inform Oklahomans about the failures of our political system.”


Twenty-First Century Democrats

Andrew was endorsed by 21st Century Democrats because he “sees Oklahoma as a hidden bastion of progressive thinking and action in the Midwest.” This ultra-liberal wing of the Democrat party is comprised of leaders from Planned Parenthood and labor unions.


Cimarron Alliance Foundation | Oklahoma Stonewall Democrats

Rice is a supporter of the gay agenda for our state and nation. He works closely with gay advocacy groups like the Cimarron Alliance Foundation, which has received contributions from the Oklahoma Stonewall Democrats.


The Progressive Alliance Foundation

Rice founded The Progressive Alliance Foundation. Its goal is to convince Oklahomans that anti-war, pro-gay liberal values are actually our values. The group’s slogan is “Progressive Values, Mainstream Values, Oklahoma Values.”


Sierra Club

Global warming alarmists endorsed Rice in his State Senate race and will undoubtedly be working hard to help him win in his race for U.S. Senate, too.


American Civil Liberties Union of Oklahoma

Rice accepted the ACLU of Oklahoma’s “Civil Libertarian of the Year” award in 2004 and spoke at the organization’s 2007 legislative training workshop.



Rice proudly labels himself a “Gramscian Organic Intellectual,” after Antonio Gramsci, the founder of the Italian Communist Party.